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New York State Hates Disabled Children


New York State public schools received a $3 billion, 11% increase in funding. New York special needs schools received ZERO. 

Schools for normally developing children received a boat load of money and schools for the disabled, who have been begging for years to get enough money to adequately serve these disabled children, were again denied by New York State.

While there are many varying interests seeking additional resources from government, how do our state leaders choose which constituents to support? More importantly, why were students with disabilities left out once again?

Bradley Gerstman, Esq., a leading New York State attorney, special education advocate, and civil rights champion is demanding answers for this grave injustice against those with disabilities. “A budget indicates priorities and it is clear from the NYS budget that our disabled students did not make the list. Is New York saying that children with disabilities are of less value to society?”


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