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Village Of Ossining

Downtown Parking

The Village of Ossining has approximately 600 on-street or off-street parking municipal parking spaces in the downtown area. All municipal spots are either metered, timed, or are permitted spots.

Municipal Parking

Municipal lot parking permits are issued in person by the Clerk’s office Monday – Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

2018 Municipal Parking Fees

  • Annual day use parking permit:           $250
  • 3 month day use parking permit:         $  75
  • Annual overnight use parking permit:   $  65
  • 6 month overnight use parking permit: $  40

The overnight parking exemption phone line is: (914) 941-PARK. This line is for people who visit our community or otherwise are required to park on the street for a few nights.

Overnight Hardship Exemption Program

Under the Ossining Village Code Section 250-29(D) “Any person who, being the owner or operator of a motor vehicle, has a need to park within the Village of Ossining between the hours of 3:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. at a property location where facilities for parking of his or her vehicle on the property are nonexistent or inadequate and for whom the strict enforcement of the provision of this section would constitute an extreme hardship…may apply to the Village for a hardship exemption from the strict enforcement of the provisions of this law.”

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The granting of a “hardship exemption” is not automatic and you must qualify for the exemption before a permanent sticker will be granted. This application, the supporting materials and available data will be carefully reviewed by the Village before a decision will be reached.

The NEW overnight parking exemption phone line is: (914) 941-PARK.  This line is up and running for people who visit our community or otherwise are required to park on the street for a few nights.

Commuter Train Station Parking

The train station commuter lot has 68 metered parking spots owned by Metro-North as well as 660 permit spots owned by the Village of Ossining. Permitted spots are free on weekends and holidays (*please note that you must still pay to use metered spots).

Fees for 2018 commuter parking permits are as follows:

  • $450 per year for Village residents
  • $575 per year for Town residents
  • $1,100 per year for non-residents of the Village and Town of Ossining

To apply for a permitted parking spot, please contact the Clerk’s office @ 914-762-8428 to be placed on the waitlist.

Parking fines as a .pdf file here or as images below:


Town Of Ossining

If a person with a valid Village of Ossining parking tag or permit receives a ticket for parking at a location permitted by the tag or permit, he or she should consider following the following procedure:

  1. Answer the ticket, before the court date, by pleading “not guilty.”
  2. Prepare a letter to the Village Prosecutor requesting that the ticket be “dismissed in the interest of justice.” Include in the letter your name and contact information (street and email address), a copy of the ticket, your vehicle registration, and the tag/permit, and state the facts in support of the request for dismissal, including any other documents or evidence in support of the request.
  3. Deliver or mail the request to the Traffic Violations Bureau, 86 Spring Street, Ossining, New York 10562; Attention: Village Prosecutor.

Complete the above procedure with enough time to permit review and appropriate action by the Village Prosecutor and Court before the assigned court date for the ticket. Unless the Court notifies you that the ticket has been dismissed, you must appear in court on the assigned date.

Parking fines as a .pdf file here or as images below: