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First Steps Early Literacy


First Steps Early Literacy
400 Executive Boulevard
Ossining, NY 10562

Tel.:  914-941-7700
Fax.: 914-941-7291

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A program for the Ossining School District community.

Generously funded by John P. and Constance A. Curran Charitable Foundation, Rebecca and Arthur Samberg, and Mr. David Swope and the Frog Rock Foundation.

The goal of First Steps is to support and encourage literacy for all Ossining children from the earliest age in order to lay a good foundation for academic achievement. Good reading skills are fundamental to academic success.

We support and encourage literacy for children ages 0-4 through comprehensive services available to the entire family. We believe that by offering any necessary services to the parent, we enable the parent to provide his/her child with early literacy enrichment.

Please complete a registration form and return to the First Steps office at the St. Ann’s School building 25 Eastern Avenue, Ossining, NY.

For more information, please call 914-373-4882.

To download a registration form, please visit here.

For more information:

Marcela Levin
Parent Coordinator
Park Early Childhood Center

Synara Okyne-Aryee
Literacy Specialist
Park Early Childhood Center