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St. Augustine Elementary School


St. Augustine Elementary School
381 North Highland Avenue
Ossining, NY 1056

Tel.:  914-941-3849
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Part of the Archdiocesan Parochial School system of New York, St. Augustine, established in 1892, offers a Dominican Education under the direction of the Saint Augustine Parish and the Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of the Springs.

Our mission is to teach Catholic doctrine and to develop strong Christian values that give children a knowledge and love of God and their community. We educate the whole child, considering each student’s mental, physical and spiritual well-being as well as his or her intellectual development. Our end goal is the development of responsible, moral and caring individuals within the faith community and the world at large.

St. Augustine School Goals

The three-fold mission of St. Augustine School is to teach the message of salvation which the Catholic church proclaims; to build community in the life of the church; and to encourage service to the church community and the entire human community.

Our purpose is to integrate religion with the rest of living and learning, in the Dominican tradition, so as to enable students to live as fruitful citizens in society both locally and internationally. We aim to assist students in the formation of healthy and morally sound lifestyles as they grow in maturity and their faith.

In the St. Augustine School’s environment we aim to meet the need of children; to treat all with respect and dignity; and to recognize the school’s partnership with parents in their primary obligation to educate their children. Thus our goals include the personal sanctification and social transformation of children by the transmission of Christian values and beliefs as they move toward their formation as responsible citizens.


Sister Mary Elizabeth Donoghue, O.P.*

* Order of Preachers (OP) is the appellation
given to members of the order of Dominican Sisters.