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Municipal Lot Parking Permits


Ok gang, here is the newness.

Parking in Ossining can be challenging. We have limited inventory and must do our best to make space available for both residents and businesses.

If you asked a few months ago we would tell you that municipal lots around Main Street were used mostly by residents at night and then, when those folks head to work during the day, the lots were used mostly by businesses in the area.

Now, everyone is here at the same time so we have to adjust. This week the Village Board approved NEW month-to-month parking permits for municipal lots as a temporary measure to help people during the crisis – They go on sale Tuesday,May 26, 2020. This will allow residents of Main Street to legally remain parked in our lots during the day, while freeing up metered parking for customers.

We know some might say, “Why cannot people just park out front?” Well, while many shops continue to wait for the ability to reopen, we are thankful that businesses like Westchester Tobacco & Stationary, HealthSmart Pharmacy, First Village Coffee, Doca’s Restaurant, Main Street Deli, and others are able to continue providing service to our community. With this small adjustment, their customers and the residents who live in the area will have all better options available.

Now, be forewarned, in order for this to work, we have to ramp up enforcement. Beginning on June 01, 2020, we will start more strictly enforcing both the municipal lots and metered parking. If you live or work in the affected area, swing by the Clerk’s office and pick up your tag – You have a few days to get it done but the sooner the better. Everyone has to use the side entrance and PLEASE abide by social distancing guidelines. If you are taking care of some essential business on Main Street, feed the meter.

Ossining Police Department