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The Corcovado Samba Jazz Trio


Missing the Summer Concert Series already? There are always great opportunities to see Ossining’s talented local performers, including tomorrow, Saturday, September 15th at the Ossining Elks Lodge with a performance by the Corcovado Samba Jazz Trio, or next Friday, September 21st at the OAC Steamer Firehouse Gallery with a performance by KJ Denhert.

Be sure to get your tickets here for another evening of great music at Ferry Sloops’ 7th annual “Concert for the River” fundraiser at the Campwoods Grounds Auditorium on Friday, September 21st at 07:00 p.m., featuring 3-time Grammy winner Tom Chapin and The Greg Jacquin Band.

All proceeds from the benefit will be used towards maintenance and restoration of the Ferry Sloops boat, educational programs, and the organization’s continued effort to keep the Hudson River clean and safe for future generations.