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Puppy Abuse Caught On Camera In Ossining

Adam Jeffers, 19
Adam Jeffers, 19

New video has emerged of a man kicking a defenseless puppy in Ossining.

Residents in Ossining neighborhood called law enforcement from SPCA of Westchester to help rescue a dog they believed was being abused.

Authorities say they have a video that shows 19-year-old Adam Jeffers kicking his 7-month-old terrier puppy outside Village Hall.  People said they also saw him do it on Elizabeth Street.

Police say they also have video of Jeffers pushing the dog onto the concrete and punching him.

The dog was later found running loose in the village and was picked up. Jeffers was also tracked down and arrested for animal cruelty.

He is now readjusting to a new life at the SPCA of Westchester in Briarcliff Manor. The puppy has been renamed Ocho and he will be up for adoption soon.

SPCA officers say this case depended on eyewitnesses who called and reported what they saw.

Jeffers could face up to a year in jail or face a fine if convicted.