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Looking To Hire Nurses RN LPN


Job description:

We are seeking a Nurses RN LPN to join our team in Ossining, NY. You will be responsible for delivering high quality care to assigned patients.


  • care for ill, injured, or convalescing patients;
  • provide basic patient care and treatment;
  • collaborate with registered nurses to administer prescribed medications;
  • sterilize and prepare medical tools and equipment;
  • educate and update patients on medical treatments.


  • previous experience in nursing or other medical fields;
  • familiarity with medical tools and equipment;
  • ability to build rapport with patients;
  • compassionate and caring demeanor;
  • excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Company description:

MedFirst, Inc. is a Staffing Agency for RNs, LPNs, NTs, CNAs, and other allied health professionals.

We offer per diem, local contract and blocked booking opportunities for a rewarding and experience-appropriate assignments. MedFirst, Inc. is also offering placement assistance for those looking to expand their career options.

To apply, please visit here.