Entertainment tickets are notoriously difficult to get. It's a hassle. You don't know what is available. You don't know when it's available. Events are sold out. Tickets are too much money. Because the barriers to entertainment are many, when a young corporate executive realized that she could make the process easier for her busy colleagues, she jumped at the chance. Hence Plum Benefits (formerly SVM Corporate Marketing) was born. Because of our honest, helpful and customer-focused approach to doing business, what began with one offer for one corporation has grown to a company directly distributing over 40 monthly offers to employees at over 25,000 corporations. By listening to our client's needs and responding, we have been able to grow, adding more opportunities, more entertainment events, and better offers for our clients.

Our entertainment-focused service is provided as a benefit exclusively for corporate employees. We connect entertainment events with corporate employees, offering ease of use, strategy and support. In addition we are committed to providing service and results to our clients.